What's Cooking

Cart32 Version 7 New Look. More Power. Exciting things are in Cart32 Version 7

We've been working hard these past few months to give Cart32 an overhaul. The result is Cart32 v8.0, which is slated for release in the near future. Cart32 has always strived to be a user-driven product, incorporating feedback from our customers to create the best product we possibly can. Some of the new features being worked on for v8.0 are:

  • One page checkout
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Completely redesigned Ajaxified interface, new look & feel
  • More options, tweaks, and customization

We're excited about the potential in this revision. Check out www.cart32.com for updates as they appear.

Cart32 Merchant Services Sell Online For Less New merchant services available for Cart32 customers

Our Cart32 product has always maintained a high degree of flexiblity when accommodating a large variety of merchants for integration, but we were never part of the game ourselves. But that all changed in November when we signed an agreement with Clearent LLC to begin our own merchant services processing.

Since that time, requests for merchant accounts have been pouring in via phone, fax, and email. This is largely to do with our competitve 2.17% + $0.27 transaction rate and the type of quality service that people have come to expect from us. If you're interested about our merchant service offerings, you can find more info here.

Because of the high potential for success in this endeavour, we've become ambitious and are working on releasing our own payment gateway services in the near future, to be directly integrated with our Cart32 product. Check back for more details.